Games Like Lucky's Tale Most Played Games Like Lucky's Tale

Join Lucky the charismatic fox on his adventure across a beautiful world

Collect as many coins as you can while hopping from one platform to another

Avoid murderous creatures and other dangers along the way
Lamper VR 9 Lamper VR Avventura Fantasy Setting Runner Game Help Lamper the firefly navigate through dangerous terrains

Dodge or destroy Biteys and other obstacles that block your firefly's way

Collect sparks to recharge the flying power of your firefly
Reveries: Dream Flight 10 Dream Flight Fantasy Setting Storytelling Interactive Experience Help a little girl find her lost best friend in this heartwarming game

Explore the beautiful fantasy world of Dream Flight on the back of a bird

Collect blue gems along the way as you search for clues for the friend's whereabouts
Totems In Dreamland 10 Totems In Dreamland Avventura Fantasy Setting Help XiaoShan navigate the dangerous and labyrinthine dream world

Fight orcs, dragons and mummies as he searches for the legendary lost totems

Will XiaoShan manage to escape the dreamland in one piece?
Jack and Tess: Finding Monsters Adventure 10 Jack and Tess: Finding Monsters Adventure Avventura Mondo Virtuale Fantasy Setting Interactive Experience Discover the incredible fantastical world dreamed up by the sleeping children

Meet and interact with many adorable characters

Take snapshots, complete dares and earn enough tickets to unlock new worlds
Colosse 10 Colosse Avventura Fantasy Setting Storytelling Experience an excellently developed short film in virtual reality

Follow the story of a crab hunter in his encounter with an ancient Colosse

Gain some insights behind the existence of the stone giants

Cerevrum 10 Cerevrum Avventura Fantasy Setting Educativi Experience the world's first brain-training virtual reality game

Have fun playing the many games to improve your cognitive function

Difficulty of the games are personalized to suit your skill level and needs
Finding VR 6.3 Finding VR Avventura Fantasy Setting Help out the poor stone giant to retrieve his stolen powers from the dark side

Defeat any enemy that stand in your way by throwing bombs or barrels

Break barrels to collect extra lives and other goodies
Herobound: First Steps - Herobound: First Steps Avventura Fantasy Setting Set off on an adventure through underground ruins and ancient ruins to seek for hidden treasures

Engage in exciting hack-and-slash battles with various monsters and solve fun puzzles

Be always on the lookout for secret content and hidden caches scattered throughout the game
Little Witch: Pie Delivery 8 Little Witch: Pie Delivery Magic Fantasy Setting Help the little witch deliver pipping hot pies to her customers

Dodge, roll and duck to avoid obstacles as she navigate the streets of the city

Reach the destination as fast as you can to earn the highest score
Wendy 9 Wendy Magic Fantasy Setting Use your newfound powers of telekinesis to move objects in the magical tower

Solve a series of puzzles to uncover ingredients for a potion you need to brew

Follow the recipe provided, add the ingredients into the cauldron and brew the potion

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Most Played Games Like Lucky's Tale Most Played Games Like Lucky's Tale

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