Most Anticipated VR Games in 2017

Rate this Article The previous year brought a lot of new things for VR to the table. Many of them where just plain awesome and displayed a lot of great potential. Let’s see what we have coming this year. Free Virtual Reality Games - Most Anticipated VR Games in 2017

It’s the New Year once again and the VR industry is sure to bring a lot more upcoming surprises for gamers everywhere. With the developments that came out this 2016 where VR was introduced as a very viable and promising platform for gaming as well as other applications, the need to keep the technology growing (as far as gaming is concerned) will demand a new set of gaming experiences that should surpass those of the previous year.

Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming VR games that are planned to be released this year and the experiences they promise to deliver to an ever anxious and awaiting audience who took the effort and trust to invest on their headsets in expectation of more games to come and the continual development of both VR software and hardware in terms of game play and quality.

Robo Recall

Robo Recall is going to be the first big Free2Play VR title to be released by Epic Games. Epic is known for the development of block buster titles such as Unreal and Gears of War. Set in the not so distant future where robots are being put to optimal use to assist mankind where they are marketed and distributed as a form of helpful appliance. Apparently, the technology is still far from perfect and the robots tend to get out of sync at times (to say the least). You play the role of a Recaller, someone sent out to collect those faulty automatons that are plainly out of wack and may prove harmful instead of helpful. Do whatever is necessary to take them down for salvaging or the scrap yard and may those crazy robots rest in pieces and go to robot heaven.

Release Date: 2017
Platform: Oculus Rift and Touch, HTC Vive


Arktika.1 is a VR First Person Shooter set in the distant future where the Earth has suffered from a planetary silent apocalypse leaving almost everything frozen in ice. Aside from the extreme low temperature, Under development by Malta based A4 Games, Arktika.1 is expected to be released for the Oculus Rift this year. The game is survival horror action oriented and based on the demo trailers, the graphics and sounds look really cool. You play the part of a Merc within Soviet territory who has to clean up a particular underground location of dangerous mutated beasts and monstrosities. Arktika.1 is expected to work with the Oculus Touch controllers.

Release Date: 2017
Platform: Oculus Rift and Touch

FarPoint VR

FarPoint VR is an upcoming First Person Shooter game for the PlayStation VR and set in a distant uncharted planet where the player takes the role of a space merc who by unfortunate circumstances has been transported there. While the graphics, sound effects and the voiceovers on the demo are so awesome, surviving the various alien creatures is another thing. The game is being developed by Impulse Gear and will utilize the PSVR gun shaped Aim Controller.

Release Date: 2017
Platform: PSVR

Panoptic VR

The game is currently being developed or rather completed by Team Panoptes. The demo version is now available free2play on Steam but the full scale version is slated for a 2017 release. The game is based on a very novel idea where 2 players can play against each other with an HTC Vive and PC combination. The Vive user plays the part of a floating probe that looks like an all seeing eye. The mission is to track down the runner which is played by another player using the PC. The probe is equipped with a laser which can be used to eliminate the runner. The runner on the other hand has to continue evading the probe while running towards the top of a tower in order to win the game. The demo is quite impressive and will continue to be free while the full version though not free will likewise be released on Steam.

Platform: PC and HTC Vive
Release Date: 2017


Syren is another survival Horror First Person shooter for VR. The game is being developed by HammerHead VR known better for their work on Cinematic VR. Scheduled to be released on all 3 platforms, Oculus, HTC Vive and PSVR, the game combines an adrenalin pumping situation of fear delivered by classic horror fps games like Dead Space and an underwater claustrophobic environment just like in BioShock. The events occur in an underwater facility built on top of the ruins of an ancient city where scientist are trying to recreate the species of Mermaids that use to live there. As usual, something goes wrong and you wake up with everything in turmoil and you have to get out and survive with apparently angry and violent mermaids blocking your escape.

Platform: Oculus, PSVR, Steam VR Vive
Release date: 2017

Fallout 4 VR

Fallout 4 is an open world RPG released by Bethesda, the creators of Elder Scrolls and SkyRim. The game is set in apocalyptic Boston Mass. where everything is in shambles where raiders, mutants and all manner of foul denizens run amuck. Being open world, it will be up to you to craft what you need and undertake your own missions. You start of with your faithful Malinois DogMeat but eventually meet other friends who can help you as you move on through the game. The graphics looks stunning and the action sequences intense though gamers are just waiting to be able to play it in VR.

Platform: Steam VR/Vive
Release Date: 2017

StarTrek: Bridge Crew

Developed by UbiSoft, best known for the Far Cry game series, Bridge Crew puts the player in a Virtual Reality Star Trek setting. The game will need 4 players to take control of important bridge positions such as Captain, Helm, Tactical and Engineering. The game is all about teamwork as each player has a specific job to perform such as raise shields, repair the ship and fire weapons. The players man the bridge of the USS Aergiss sent to explore an area of known space called the Trench to find a new planet for Vulcan refugees. Star Trek:Bridge Crew promises a VR experience like no others as teammates have to holler out at each other while wearing VR headsets as if on the bridge of a Federation Class Starship.

Release Date: 2017
Platform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PSVR

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