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Join the World of Sansar - Create Your Avatar Today!

Thursday, July 4, 2019 Create your ideal avatar in Sansar and start exploring the multitude of worlds! With the rapid development of the virtual reality industry, Linden Lab turned its sights on the virtual reality platform, envisioning a social virtual reality game that not only lets players easily create worlds of their own but also allows them to explore other people's creations, interact with others in a more in-depth manner, and even sell their creations, such as 3D items and meshes, at the in-game store... a game they now call Sansar.

Love to check out Sansar yourself? Well, to start you'll need to create your avatar. There are plenty of customization tools for you to tweak and modify the looks of your avatar, allowing you to create your ideal character to embody as you venture out into Sansar's metaverse. You can even purchase a plethora of accessories, clothes and even hairstyles and the like at the in-game store and change your looks whenever you want.

So, what are you waiting for? Drop by Sansar today and create your avatar! The many fantastic people and worlds await you there!