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Creating Your Avatar in the Social VR World of Sansar!

Friday, June 28, 2019 Create your ideal look before venturing out into the many wonderful virtual worlds of Sansar! Sansar is the next generation metaverse by Linden Lab. It's set to become a social virtual reality platform that will not only allow various individuals to create and share their amazing VR experiences; it will also eventually allow them to sell these experiences to people from all around the world to enjoy.

Like most virtual world games, VR or not, you'll need to start by creating your virtual avatar. With so many options to choose from and a burgeoning player-driven avatar customization shop where you can buy and use a variety of avatar meshes. You can also design some of your own and sell them in the store!

Don't like designing an avatar from scratch? You can opt for one of the pre-made avatars and customize these instead, turning them into unique and creative expressions of yourself. The possibilities are literally endless here!

If all of this sounds like fun to you, be sure to drop by Sansar today and give the social VR game a try. You'll quickly realize avatar customization is not even the best part of the game - Hint: It's actually the many incredible worlds that both the players and the Sansar team have created for your exploration/role-playing pleasure!