Top 5 VR Games to Buy During the Great Steam Summer Sale

Rate this Article Every year at summer, Steam makes it a point to bring it’s prices down for a short period of time. Let’s check out 5 VR games which are currently on sale. Free Virtual Reality Games - Top 5 VR Games to Buy During the Great Steam Summer Sale

It’s summertime once again so Steam is holding it’s yearly summer sale. As VR games are now part of Steam’s product line, it’s just natural that they be part of the sale. So, for those of you who have either an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or are simply interested in VR games, here’s 5 of the top VR games on Sale on Steam this summer.


Holoball is a VR game that combines old school pong and music beat oriented action games like AudioShield VR. At first take, it kind of looks like AudioShield, hit blue with blue and red with red but that's about it. The game plays a lot more like racket ball in the real world but the wall you bounce the balls back to happen to be an AI that keeps throwing balls at you till you are able to shoot through a goal (or hole) on the wall. You can vary the difficulty of the game and also play in practice mode. In multi-player, you and your opponent will have a wall (or goal behind you) and you defend your turf by bouncing the ball back at the other player pong style so make sure you have enough room to play it.

Developer: TreeFortress Games
Publisher: TreeFortress Games
Platform: HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
-53% Summer Sale


BattleZone is the VR reincarnation of the original hit game released in the 1980's for the Atari 2600 gaming console. The game in VR is awesome to play and the environment and sounds feel so CyberPunk that the tanks and the weapons and fight sequences look and feel like they where taken out from the movie Tron. You pilot a Cobra cybertank and go up againts enemy cybertanks on a Grid-like combat landscape. The game can accommodate 1-4 players where you can play co-op or in single player mode if you want to play alone. The cockpit view may be a little bit limiting but you'll have so much time turning around and tracking your opponents that chances are, you'll hardly notice the limitations of the game. The gameplay is smooth and will rarely get you dizzy.

Developer: Rebellion
Publisher: Rebellion
Platform: HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
-33% Summer Sale


At the moment, Pavlov is in early access on Steam and has only one huge map. Pavlov though is highly recommended for gamers who love playing CounterStrike and the like (FPS). Just like online FPS, you can join a game online and go against or team up with other players. Game modes include CounterStike (Defuse Bomb), Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch. In case you would like to play on your own, you can run a match with bots. Weapon performance may not be perfect but handles very well. The recoil animation is great and the mechanics combine how you shoot in classic CounterStrike and in Virtual Reality. Shooting tactics remain the same like a headshot is still the best way to take your opponent down. Controlling your weapon may be confusing at times and may get some getting used to, but it’s CounterStrike VR where you can hear thr footsteps , talk to your team mates, hear ambient sounds , snipe your enemies and so on and so forth. One more thing, take note that the graphics was made for VR so it's not like using classic CounterStrike with VR where you are likely to puke before reaching the next corridor.

Developer: davevillz
Publisher: davevillz
Platform: HTC Vive
-40% Summer Sale

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a VR game that is very original in design. It's the kind of game that teaches communication skills. It's the kind of game that places you either in the role of a Tech support specialist and the customer who knows squat about troubleshooting his PC let alone getting it to run correctly. However, this time around, instead of a PC, it's a bomb. The players who play tech support or bomb expert cannot see the actual bomb but has the diffuse manual in either printed or digital form. The player who has to diffuse the bomb plays a person trapped in a room with the bomb. Both players have to describe the needed information to each other as they work together to diffuse the bomb before the timer runs out and somebody explodes. The game is great for parties and social gatherings and creates a lot of tension and fun in the process.
Developer: Steel Crate Games
Publisher: Steel Crate Games
Platform: HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
-67% Summer Sale


Remember Myst? Obduction the VR game was created by the very same game studio who brought us Myst and, it sort of runs like Myst (in a way). However, instead of being trapped on a mysterious Empty island, you've been kidnapped by some alien entity and dropped of in an unknown location with bits and pieces of Earth. You start first at an empty town and progress through the game by solving puzzles, operating switches and other like activities that...remind you of Myst. The objective is of course to get home but above all else, you'll have to solve the story first. If you’ve ever wanted to kbow what Myst feels like in VR…

Developer: Cyan Inc.
Publisher: Cyan Inc.
Platform: HTC Vive
-33% Summer Sale

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