Ideal VR Fitness Games for Covid Lockdown

Rate this Article Not everyone has the acumen to withstand long periods of isolation and quarantine. To this, exercising and keeping fit will go a long way. VR provides itself as an awesome tool for achieving this. Let's take a look how. Free Virtual Reality Games - Ideal VR Fitness Games for Covid Lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected almost everyone in many different ways. However, for those living in places where the infection rate is huge or wide spread, being placed on lockdown or quarantine seems to be currently the best and viable solution in order to prevent the decease from spreading any further. For some, specially those with introvert personalities, quarantine may not seem such a big deal and may even be an added welcome for the sake of protection. For those however who are used to a far active outdoor and social everyday routine, being trapped at home and isolated from that which one is used to may cause some anxiety and in worst cases progress to extreme restlessness and even Claustrophobia.

It is not unusual for introversive computer geeks (gamers as they may be) to develop all kinds of health issues for the simple reason that they stay in one place and position for long long periods of time kind of like Jabba The Hut. Some are big and some are thin but they have one thing in common, they all lack movement. Someone who is like this is usually reminded by people who care for them to at least do some exercise if taking the dog out or going for a walk would be too much of an exertion for them. After all, it is for their own good.

Today, in the midst of the Global Corona Contagion, almost everyone (with the exception of those who have to do their jobs and be exposed to the virus) is quarantined at home. For those who are not used to this isolation and those who don't care as long as they're online or using their computer, doing some indoor exercise would no doubt boost their health and much needed immune system. Therefore staying fit amidst the current global crisis isn't such a bad idea at all.

If you own or have a VR headset at home, then you're in luck. VR is a tremendous tool in getting even the most timid Jabba The Hut gamer out of one's chair and onto the play area for some perspirative maneuvers. With VR, one is likely to have fun without even realizing of going through an effective exercise and fitness routine as VR will project all of it as a game to the user. The fitness game will cause one to move around and perform certain action which actually exercise the body and burn the required amount of calories to be an effective alternative to visiting the gym for a usual fitness workout.

The VR HMD and the controllers can even simulate the effects of some exercise machines that effective VR fitness programs are being developed by specialized institutions and organizations like the Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise of the San Francisco State University. The University has developed a free VR Health Exercise Tracker mobile app that can be used in conjunction with the various VR Fitness apps and games in the market today.

VR Fit Metrics Trackers

Another fitness tracking system is provided by a virtual reality smart watch by a company called YUR that can track exercise metrics directly from it's interface. Metrics include the tracking of estimated burnt calories, daily calorie goals, squat counter, heart rate and customizable aesthetics. According to YUR co-founder Dilan Shah, the current quarantine situation has resulted in over 5.1+ million logged workouts by over 60,000 users as people are looking for new ways to stay active while stuck at home.

There are several VR games that are currently available in the market that can provide a pretty good and effective exercise routine while playing a game at the same time. The idea after all is to trick the user into doing these exercises without any or minimal awareness of doing it. Recommended games that fall in this category are VR games like AudioShield which uses musical rhythm coupled with arm blocking movements. The game costs around 19.00USD and can burn an estimated 10-13 calories per minute.

BoxVR Fit

Another good game is BoxVR that couples great music and boxing routines in VR. Basically, it's a boxing game that burns around 6-8 calories per minute while providing effective exercise. The game though cost around 30.00 USD and thus should be treated as a viable fitness program investment.

Pistol Whip VR Fit

Pistol Whip VR is an exercise game for those into FPS. The game will definitely cause you to move while gunning your enemies down as you listen to awesome action soundtracks. The game costs around 25.00 USD burning around 6-8 calories per minute.

Hot Squat VR will give you a real heavy squat routine. The game will challenge you to do as many squats as you possible can till the limit of your endurance if you prefer. Hot Squat though is free2play but can burn around 6-8 calories per minute as well.

Beat Saber VR is of course a game a lot of people are familiar with. It does kind of function like AudioShield in the rhythm and block department but instead of blocking the incoming strikes with your shields you'll have to slash them down (ala Jedi style) to score your points. The game is around 30.00 USD and can also burn around 6-8 calories per minute.

HoloPoint VR Fit

Finally, Holopoint places you in the role of a Samurai archer in ancient Japan. You'll have to square of with enemy Samurai and Shinobi drawing, nocking, and shooting arrows at them as fast as you can. They are after all coming for you. The Dojo environment and soundtrack delivers strong intensity as well. The game is around 14.00 USD and gets you to burn 6-8 calories per minute.

These are just some of the many fitness oriented games in VR today. If you've got the headset and can defray the cost, investing in any or several of these titles may be worth the effort and time which you can give for your health. In case you decide to go for it, keep in mind that you have to prepare the necessary play space where you can move around un-hindered without bumping into furnitures and tangling the cables of your headset while exercising/playing your game. Also, make sure that there are no kids or pets that may get in the way and be hurt by your swinging around. Movement in VR is awesome provided one takes the necessary precautions.

Again, it is important to keep one's self healthy and fit in any way one can. It not only helps to avoid getting sick but can also counter boredom and the feeling of isolation during quarantine.

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