Falling in Love in VR

Rate this Article The potential of what VR can do has been continually unraveling itself as the years move on. Falling in Love is no exception and as strange as it may be, certain sectors of our current society seem to be seriously considering it as a worthy alternative. Free Virtual Reality Games - Falling in Love in VR

Falling in love with someone was suppose to be something that occurred naturally with people specially young adults beginning their journey through life. Boy meets girl, sparks fly, they get to know each other, move into courtship and if successful, end up getting married. Normally, there where always some complications here and there but life was far more simple than it is today that people exerted their own efforts to make things work out.

However, in today’s day and age, technology and the massive industrialization of society in general has led to a lot of diverse complications in matters of love and finding a life partner. Sadly, falling in love has sort of lost the original meaning that it used to have. It has become wide and diversified and in technological terms, there are people today who fall in love with someone who isn't necessarily human. The advent of the internet as well as that of computers has given people the ability to interact not only with fellow humans but those digitally generated as well.

Virtual Reality takes everything one step higher in terms of interaction where people can interact with others via their avatars or by direct video conferencing with each other. There have even been cases where people have been successful in finding a life partner online but since VR itself can be used as a medium to communicate and get to know others, the possibility of finding someone right will always be there.

Falling in love however where VR and technology is concerned has gone beyond the boundaries of just boy meets girl. The world of CyberSpace has opened up new possibilities never even thought of before. If the reason is just to fall in love with someone, there are alternatives that already exist where one can develop the same feeling for a digitally generated person just like a flesh and blood one.

There are computer games today (especially the action RPG variety) where character communication and interaction is getting more better and personal as time goes by and the machines and AI routines get better and better. One may just be role playing a character yet get so involved with the leading lady and start having feelings for her regardless that she is but an NPC with an AI designed to make you the player Fall in Love with her. Porting this over to the VR world will make things more intimate as you will be in a simulated environment where you are actually there with her.

The thought of falling in love with Ms. NPC is quite ridiculous but if a Japanime VR high school girl can make you feel something else, a well executed VR NPC girlfriend may have the actual power to capture your heart. Add that there are so many Men out there who are lonely, can't find the right girl or just went MGTOW, the dangerously delicious possibility is starting to take shape. This applies to women as well and with the advancement of technology moving on, the possibilities are bound to happen. After all, Master Chief did fall in love with Cortana and vice versa.

VR GF Kanojo

The technology for this falling in love in VR thing is still very much in it's infancy but nevertheless, it has begun. Let's take for example what the Japanese have been doing with the PSVR which now has been ported over to both the Vive and Oculus platforms. This include applications like VR Girlfriend Kanojo or VR Girlfriend "Nancy's Summer" both of which enable the player to get close and personal with the ravishing anime babes. Applications like this give the Japanese Otaku generation an alternative "Waifu" especially for those who find it difficult or nearly impossible to land a real wife. You would be surprised to know that many Japanese men do actually fall in love with their anime babes.

On the Western front development company Tool of America released a special VR app called Fall in Love VR for the Oculus Rift. The user is given the opportunity to meet five different individuals (three men and two women) and interact with them using a series of card questions designed to induce a feeling of intimacy and closeness. Of course the actors have recorded a small library of predetermined responses and the users get to ask the questions by saying them aloud.

VR Grace

Despite the shortcomings, repetitive responses and technical difficulties especially in voice recognition, a lot of people feel that the application was a worthwhile effort and that further developments in the AI controlling the actors responses would result in creating AI characters that could one day matter of speaking sweep a user of one's feet. Actress Grace alone was able to attract a lot of positive male user responses simply by the way she answered, acted and looked. After all, she was really ravishing.

That said, falling in love in VR may soon be a common thing. In fact, falling in love with an AI in VR may even become a way lot easier than falling in love with an actual somebody. It is sad that as technology continues to flourish, people in society are more inclined to spend most of their time with their handheld and computing devices than socializing with a person close by. Meeting and chatting with someone in VR from the other side of the world or going on a date with a really cute, witty and sexy AI may soon change the way people get together, communicate and view each other. As to whether this will be good or bad, only time will tell.

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