Different Types of Oculus Quest Hand Straps

Rate this Article The Oculus Quest controllers come with protective wrist straps to avoid the controller being thrown or released by accident. To address these, straps are used as a way to fix the controller securely to the hand. Let's take a look at the different methods used. Free Virtual Reality Games - Different Types of Oculus Quest Hand Straps

The game controller has always been an essential piece of equipment when playing computer or video games. Whether a group of buttons, a keyboard and mouse or a joystick, it would be quite difficult to imagine playing games without either of these. So, in today's world with the current emergence and popularity of VR, the hand controllers have taken up the function of the primary method of interaction and control in the VR world. Acting either as one’s hands or a pointer within the app, it is then necessary to grip or hold the controllers with your hands and move them around for the needed equivalent VR action.

The VR hand controllers (or wands) not only control in-game functions but are tracked by the VR system itself. It's just natural that one has to move them around performing actions ported over to VR like throwing, pulling, spinning, hitting and even doing some Karate chopping (with a 1-2-3) that can cause the controller to be dislodged and even fly of one's hand. This may actually damage this indispensable piece of VR tech as they are usually made of plastic with compartment covers that could fly-off into the great beyond and may even cause the contents (i.e. batteries) to come tumbling out.

To address this issue, Oculus standardly provides wrist straps with their VR hand controllers as a way to prevent the above and any unforeseeable accident from happening while one is busy in VR. Unfortunately, the provided straps are quite basic and may be lacking in protective functionality. This has prompted a few third party OEMs to come up with their own hand strap solutions for VR controller users in general and Oculus controllers in particular.

Compared to the usual wrist straps, controller hand straps provide a better means to sort of fasten the controller to one's hand while providing as much as possible the ease of movement and minimal to no interference with the controller controls or buttons. There are several factors that should be taken into account when coming up with this protective accessories for VR use. First would be Comfortability, so the user doesn't get irritated using it. Another would be Adjustability as these straps have to be able to fit into different hand sizes. They should also have Moisture Resistance and should be made of materials that can absorb moisture from hand perspiration which may cause the strap to become slippery. Durability is another thing since one would be using the strap every time one uses the controller and the longer it holds, the better. Lastly would be the Ease of Use as the user should be able to attach the straps to the controller in a quick, easy and non-stressful way.

For the Oculus Quest controllers (as well as for other Oculus HMD controllers in general), there are two major ways to affix the controller to ones hand. Either by creating a grip band from the controller to around one's fingers or the Knuckle Strap which goes around one's knuckles. It then depends on the user preference based on the factors (comfortability, adjustability, etc.) mentioned above.

Mamut Touch Controller Grip

The current two top Oculus controller grips in the market are the AMVR Touch Controller Grip Cover and the Mamut Touch controller grip. If the grip uses a cover like the AMVR, it has to be attached to the controller along with the protective bands which elastically go around your fingers to hold everything in place. The usual grip like the Mamut however is attached directly to the controller. Again preference is the key as users are not all the same and some may prefer one method over the other. Also, it is advisable to be used in conjunction with the wrist strap. Either way, it bonds your grip to the Touch controller.

Beat Saber Knuckle Straps

The Knuckle Strap on the other hand is exactly what it is. It uses a strong band around your knuckles to strap the controller tightly to your hand. Again, there are variations depending on the manufacturer be it KIWI, Esimen or others but basically the straps are either made out of micro-fiber plastic or thick Nylon with not only a knuckle strap but an anti-throw palm strap as well. Knuckle Straps are usually used in conjunction with the Oculus supplied wrist straps for added protection.

 DeadEye VR Wrist Strap

At this point, the under-rated wrist strap is still a good protection as well. Usually made from high-quality woven cloth, the strap connects to the strap slot at the lower end of the controller. Unlike both the Grip and Knuckle Strap that uses a band around and through the top circular portion of the controller to balance the hold, the wrist strap simply straps to one's wrist. If the controller slips or flies while in use, the strap makes sure it ends up dangling from your wrist instead of being thrown to infinity and beyond (with a crash). They may not have the strong, tight and immersive protection like the grip and strap but they are usually adequate for basic VR use. Unless of course you're going to do some Beat Sabering or Jedi/Sith swinging.

Speaking of tight though, most of these straps use Velcro to stick it up here and there, but others may use adjustable clasps or similar gap-closing attachments to lock things in place. As to which, one should use, being able to try the different options before purchase would be the best move one can make. But for those who have the time and acumen for things DIY, one can always custom make the DIY Controller Strap if one doesn't want to spend extra on straps. Just make sure it fixes your controller tight to your hand so you can practice that light saber force throw and pull of yours.

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